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Who are the Cordwells?
The Cordwell Shield is named in honour of the Cordwell family - Rod, Rhonda, Joel, Casey and Todd.  When the Club celebrated its 10 year
anniversary as Warranwood, father Rod was named Junior Coach of the Decade, whilst son, Todd was named captain. 

The family also symbolises the reality of a "Family Club" where even after the sons left the Junior Ranks, the family can still be seen
supporting them as Senior Players.

Rod Cordwell was awarded Life Membership in 2004.

What is this awarded for?
The shield is awarded to the player(s) that accumulate the most points based on runs, wickets, catches & run outs over the course of the
season. This award can be won by any Junior club member, from Under 12s upwards.  If a player plays in two age groups, e.g. Under 12s
and U14s, the points for both teams will be counted.

Past Winners
Cordwell Shield
2014/15       Bradley Cray
2015/16       Patrick Romijn
2016/17       Aiden Begg
2017/18       Oliver McKenzie
2018/19       Ella Russell
Best Club Person - Christine John Award
Who is Christine John?
Christine (Chris) John was the first female junior administrator at the Club (Parkwood). In fact she was also one of the first female junior
administrators in the RDCA.

Chris gave up more hours of her time than would be expected of that role. She was a very humble and an extremely efficient and friendly
administrator , who for 5 years ran a very tight ship with the rest of the committee, team managers and coaches.

Chris set a very high standard for all junior administrators who followed in her footsteps. Together with Club President (Kevin Brown) Chris
played a key role in the adoption of the green and gold colours of the Club when we introduced coloured playing gear for the Juniors.

What is this awarded for?
The award is presented to the Junior Volunteer judged to have gone above and beyond expectations during the current Season.

Past Winners
To be updated shortly

2016/17       Melissa Berryman
2017/18       Jen Tolcher
2018/19       Craig Buchan
Lifetime Contribution - Wayne Johnson Award
Who is Wayne Johnson?
Wayne was a junior player for South Ringwood in their inaugural year (1969) and was Junior Administrator of South Ringwood from at least
1977 to the late 80's as well as being President of the club. Single handedly ran the junior program in the early days and for many was the
face of our junior cricket.

Wayne was awarded Life Membership in 1981.

What is this awarded for?
The Wayne Johnson Award is to recognise an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Junior Club over a number of years.

Past Winners
To Be Updated

2011/12       Mike Maughan
2015/16       Travis Kitching
2017/18       Steve Toohey
2018/19       Nick Rice
Steve Toohey Award and Scholarship
Who is Steve Toohey?
Steve has been involved in the Junior Club since 1999/2000 (Parkwood).  After several years of assisting with tasks such as scoring and
umpiring, he did a stint as Coach and on the Junior Committee.

In 2011/12, at a time when the Junior Club consisted of only U16 teams, he took on the role of Junior Coordinator and began the task of
re-building the Juniors, predominantly through building a solid base in the Milo cricket programs.

He was awarded Life Membership in 2016/17 and remains in the role of Junior Coordinator.

What is this awarded for?

Prior to 2012/13 the President's Award was awarded to a player in their last Season in the Juniors to recognise their contribution to the
Club throughout their Junior career.

From 2014/15 to 2016/17, with no Under 16 teams at the Club, the award was presented to a Junior Player to recognise their dedication
to the Club and/or their cricket.

In 2017/18 the Award and accompanying sponsorship was changed to acknowledge and assist in the development of a Junior Player who is
making their way into Senior Ranks.

Past Winners
President's Award

To be Updated

Renamed the Club Recognition Award

2014/15       Haylee Landi
2015/16       Doug Heath
2016/17       Lachie Postma

Renamed the Steve Toohey Award

2017/18       Baylin Fittolani
2018/19       Tom Broadhurst
Best Under 16 Batsman - Norm Wensor Trophy
What is this awarded for?

The Norm Wensor Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Batting Trophy (Best Average) in the top-graded Under 16 team.

Past Winners
To Be Updated

2011/12       Alec Kajewski
2017/18       Aiden Begg
2018/19       Aiden Begg
Best Under 16 Bowler - Ralph Dunstan Shield
What is this awarded for?

The Ralph Dunstan Shield is awarded to the winner of the Bowling Trophy (Best Average) in the top-graded Under 16 team.

Past Winners
To Be Updated

1994/95       Stuart Downs
1995/96       Stuart Downs
1996/97       Brad Rutz
1997/98       Luke Naughtin
1998/99       Matthew Barca
1999/2000    Ross Kirwan
2000/01       S Rutz
2001/02       Evan Johnston
2011/12       Joel Kitching
2017/18       Tom Broadhurst
2018/19       Josh Beck

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