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Junior Teams for 2019/20
In the 2019/2020 Season we plan to field teams in the following age groups:

Under 16s
Under 14s
Under 12s
Mini Bash (formerly Under 10s)
All Star Girls Under 12s and Under 16s

Later  in the year this page will contain information relevant to each team including contact details for Coaches and Team Managers, and
training times

Registration - a new process this Season

Firstly, if you know that you will not be returning for the 2019/20 Season please contact the Club (call Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349) as
soon as possible.  This will assist us in planning team and player numbers, and we won’t send you out irrelevant emails.  Thanks!!
Why has the registration system changed?
Cricket Australia have this year made it compulsory for all junior players to register online, into MyCricket, via the playcricket.com.au
2. Paying for Player insurance
In the past you have always indirectly paid for insurance.  You paid the club your registration fee and the Club was billed by the insurance
company (JLT).  This year you will pay the insurance ($5) as a separate fee during the registration.  We have lowered our registration fee (in
most cases) by $5.
3. Administration Fee
Cricket Australia are charging a 1.95% administration fee as part of the registration process.  You will be able to pay by credit card, debit
card (VISA, Mastercard) and you can make periodic payments.  We will not be taking cash payments or bank transfers except under
significant circumstances.  Please contact Steve Toohey if you have any issues/concerns etc with this.
4. Current Bugs
Unfortunately, there are a couple of bugs in the system.  We need to proceed with registration so that (a) we start to learn about who is
returning to the Club and (b) we give you plenty of time to register before the Season starts, so that players are insured.  So bear with us
as we assist you through the process
Bug 1 - some members MAY NOT receive the automated email (with MyCricket ID and password) when it is sent in a few days.  This
may be due to MyCricket holding an older email address (especially if you first signed up several years ago), but for some reason it
is also not sending to some others.  If you do not receive this email (one per player) please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349. 
in addition if you don't receive this email you probably will not receive a confirmation email after registering, so you should contact
Steve to confirm
Bug 2 - Periodic payments - this option has been set up but has been temporarily withdrawn by Cricket Australia.  If you want to
pay in stages, hold off on registering for now, but please let us know (so we know you are coming back)

5. How do I get help with the registration process?
If you need any help please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349.  It will be best if you can access to your internet (PC, laptop, tablet,
mobile) when we discuss the process.

The Registration Process
As stated above the Junior registration will be done through the Cricket Australia site - playcricket.com.au.  Those of you who have
registered for Milo or Woolworths cricket in the past will have some familiarity with that.
MyCricket ID and password
To register you will need each player’s MyCricket ID and password.  The vast majority of you will not know this information so we will be
arranging an email to be sent in the next few days.  This email may say it is coming from me (Steve Toohey) and/or from
Please Note:  there has been some bugs in this process while we have been testing.  If you do not receive an email (one per player), in the
next two days, check your junk mail and, if still not received, please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349.
2. This email will alert you to your Player ID and will provide a (temporary) password. 
You can either go to MyCricket, login with the ID and password and reset the password to something that you will remember
You can register using this ID and password
3.     In early August you will receive an email from the Club to take you to the registration page for Warranwood Cricket Club.
There will be two options
WWCC Junior Single Player 1 (U10-16) $150 (remember this includes the insurance fee)
Use this option for your oldest player who is wanting to play either:
U10s (Mini Bash) or U12s on a Friday night, and/or
U14s or U16s on Saturday morning

2. Warranwood Junior Sibling Fee and Girls Fee
Use this option if:
You have a 2nd or 3rd child who is wanting to play Friday night U10s or U12s or Saturday morning U14s or U16s, OR
You have a daughter or a female wanting to play Girls Only cricket (U12s or U16s) on Sunday morning

Please note:  If your daughter or female wants to play Friday or Saturday cricket AND the Girls Only cricket, and she is your only player,
please use Option 1

Once you have selected your option you will be asked for your MyCricket ID and the password whether or not this has been reset)

The following screens will allow you to order playing shirts and/or caps
Note -  Playing Shirts - U14s and U16s use the senior playing shirt
Note - Caps - first time players receive a Sharks cap for free.  You can order (and pay for) a new cap if you need one.  Only order a cap
here if you are wanting to pay for a new one

Age Groups
You will be able to tell us what age group you are signing up for.  However it does not (currently) allow you to select multiple age groups or
So please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349 if you want to play in more than one team
e.g. Friday night U12s and Saturday morning U14s
e.g. U12s or U14s (mixed gender) and U12 or U16 Girls on Sundays

Payments can be by Debit or Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA).  You should be able to opt for periodic payments - however as we write this
email, this option has been temporarily removed by Cricket Australia.  If you wish to pay in stages just hold off on registering for now and
we will try to notify people when the option is back up.

Notes about Teams

Teams will be placed in a Grade that best suits the ability of the entire team.  We will take into consideration factors such as the skill levels
of individual players and achieving a balance between skills, development, participation and enjoyment for all players in a team.  The
"grading" of teams will take place as we register players and conduct pre-season training (August/September).

Players can play in more than one age group/competition
e.g. a player can play in the Under 12s on Friday night as well as the Under 14s on Saturday mornings
e.g. a female player can play in the U12s or Mini Bash on a Friday night, as well as the All Stars Girls competition on Sunday mornings

All teams require a Coach, Team Manager, several scorers, and will require parents (or family members) to contribute to other tasks
required at the Club (e,g, canteen duties).

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