Warranwood Cricket Club
Quambee Reserve, Wonga Road
North Ringwood, VIC, 3134
Master Blasters
(formerly T20 Blast)
Master Blasters is part of the Woolworths Cricket Blast junior cricket program.  It is a great way to start representing the Warranwood
Sharks.  Its all about participation, fun and skill development.

Details are still being finalized and will be published here within the next 2 weeks (approx. 1st week in September)

About Master Blasters

As a general guide Master Blasters is targeted at children, both girls and boys, aged 7-10.  However you can still participate if you are older
or younger than this...it is all about whether this is the best option for you, both in terms of ability and availability.

All participating teams come together at a single venue, several games taking place on the one oval.  Players do not require protect
equipment such as helmets, gloves or pads.  All equipment is provided.  A skill zone enables players to develop their skills, whilst they are
not actually participating in their game. 

Everyone bats, bowls, fields and wicket-keeps in each game.  Players bat in pairs for a set amount of time. If a player is "OUT" (e.g. bowled,
caught etc) they keep batting for their set time.  When our team is batting, those who are waiting their turn, or have already had their
turn, participate in the Skill Zone.

If you have any questions regarding Master Blasters please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349.

PLEASE NOTE:  Last Season we were one of the only Clubs participating in the Master Blasters program so we had to resort to running it in-
house, i.e. no games against other Clubs.  WE will run this program again this Season - we are simply waiting to see whether the broader,
multi-club program will get up-and-running

Thanks for your patience.

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