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Mini Bash
Mini Bash is the introductory level for cricket within the Ringwood & District Cricket Association (RDCA).  It has replaced what was formerly
called Under 10s, or Non-Competitive cricket (Non-Comp).  Whilst most players would be aged 7-9, it is more about matching a participants
ability.  Last season we had players as young as 6 years, and as old as 10 years.

What are the main differences between Mini Bash and T20 Blast?

In T20 Blast, a number of games take place on the same oval.  The games do not take part on the actual centre pitch.  In Mini Bash a single
game (e.g. Warranwood versus Wonga Park) would take place on an oval, using the centre pitch.

In T20 Blast, all games on all weeks, take place at a single venue.  In Mini Bash, games are a mix of home and away, some played at our home
venues (either Quambee Reserve or Kalinda Primary School) or at away venues in our surrounding suburbs.

In T20 Blast, no protective equipment (i.e. helmets, pads, gloves etc) is required.  The ball used is very soft.  In Mini Bash the ball used is
harder (but not as hard as a 'real' leather cricket ball) so players wear the range of protective equipment.  Our Club provides each team
with a kit of gear, so there is no requirement for each player to have their own bat, helmet etc.

In T20 Blast there is no separate training night.  Our Club provides 2 pre-season practice sessions as a way for families to trial T20 Blast prior
to registering, or simply to become familiar with the format.  With Mini Bash we have a separate training night (as a guide last Season it was
Monday afternoon) and game night (Friday night).

In both T20 Blast and Mini Bash players get to experience all the skills of cricket - batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping.

Both T20 Blast and Mini Bash are open to boys and girls.  Teams are generally a mix of both genders.  There is a "Girls Only" cricket
competition available.  Click here for more information about Girls Only cricket.

Come back here later in the year for information about Mini Bash including pre-Season training, costs and registration.  In the meantime, if
you have any questions, please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349.

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