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The Greatest Sharks of all time
Who is Andrew Spittle?
Andrew Spittle is a legend at the Warranwood Sharks.  As well as being a Life Member of the Club (awarded in 2009) he is an 8-times winner
of the Award that now bears his name.

What is this awarded for?
Using the Rath Shield methodology points are awarded to players based on the number of runs scored, wickets taken, catches and run-
outs.  Whilst the Rath Shield is available to any Senior player, of any Grade, the Andrew Spittle (Club Champion) Trophy is awarded to the
highest "point-scorer" in the1st XI.

Past Winners
Club Champion - The Andrew Spittle Trophy
1984/85       D Young
1985/86       Neale Wood
1986/87       Neale Wood
1987/88       Jim Telford
1988/89       Jim Telford
1989/90       Neale Wood
1990/91       Hayden Jacob
1991/92       Andrew Spittle
1992/93       Andrew Spittle
1993/94       Andrew Spittle
1994/95       Hayden Jacob
1995/96       Andrew Spittle
1996/97       Andrew Spittle
1997/98       Brett Albert
1998/99       Brett Albert
1999/2000    Brett Albert

2000/01       Michael Ewison                         
2001/02       Joel Cordwell
2002/03       Joel Cordwell                             
2003/04       Nathan McFarlane                      
2004/05       Andrew Spittle/Jason Watts
2005/06       Jason Watts                                
2006/07       Daniel Turner                            
2007/08       Andrew Spittle
2008/09       Daniel Turner                             
2009/10       Daniel Turner                            
2010/11       David Johnson/Andrew Spittle
2011/12       David Johnson                             
2012/13       Andy Wu                                  
2013/14       David Johnson    
2014/15       David Johnson                             
2015/16       David Johnson                          

2016/17       Andy Wu
2017/18       Matthew Nelson
2018/19       Matthew Nelson

Rath Shield
Who are the Raths?
Neville and Yvonne Rath were the founders of the South Ringwood Cricket Club in the 1970s.  They were also our very first Life Members,
with Neville granted life membership in 1978 and Yvonne in 1979.  This was the same year in which the Rath Shield was created.

What is this awarded for?
The Rath Shield is awarded to the player(s) that accumulate the most points based on runs, wickets, catches & run outs over the course
of the season. This award can be won by any club member irrespective of which grade they play.

Past Winners
1979/80       Kevin Wilson
1980/81       Bruce Cass
1981/82       Bruce Cass
1982/83       Bruce Cass
1983/84       Cameron Milnes
1984/85       Lance Symons
1985/86       Lance Symons
1986/87       David Bishop
1987/88       Cameron Milnes
1988/89       Geoff Purcell
1989/90       Matthew Cunningham
1990/91       Stan Roach
1991/92       Jim Page
1992/93       Jim Page
1993/94       Gavan Barr
1994/95       Geoff Purcell
1995/96       Steven Price
1996/97       John Mitchell
1997/98       Grant Wain
1998/99       Andrew Spittle
1999/2000   Paul Keyhoe
2000/01       Brett Albert
2001/02       Brad Gaunt/D Barclay
2002/03       Brett Albert
2003/04       Andrew Spittle
2004/05       Rob Ruffle/Sam Gibson
2005/06       Adrian Tright
2006/07       Stephen Anderton
2007/08       Evan Johnson
2008/09       Steve Patterson
2009/10       David Raggett
2010/11       Jack Dwyer
2011/12       David Johnson
2012/13       Mathew Holland
2013/14       David Johnson    
2014/15       David Johnson
2015/16       David Johnson
2016/17       Andy Wu
2017/18       Andrew Begg
2018/19       Matthew Nelson                  

Mick Baker Medal
Who is Mick Baker?
Mick Baker is a Life Member of the Club (awarded in 1982) and this Medal is awarded in honour of Mick's services to the Club over many

What is this awarded for?
The Medal is awarded to a player from our Senior 1st XI.  After each game the players vote on 3-2-1 basis for the best player.  The winner
of the Medal is the player that receives the most votes over the Season.

Past Winners
2006/07       Jason Watts
2007/08       Evan Johnson
2008/09       Andrew Spittle
2009/10       Daniel Turner
2010/11       Brett Van Duppen/David Johnson
2011/12       David Johnson
2012/13       Andy Wu
2013/14       David Johnson    
2014/15       David Johnson
2015/16       David Johnson
2016/17       Andy Wu
2017/18       Matthew Nelson
2018/19       Matthew Nelson
Most Improved - Ashley Whitaker Award
Who was Ashley Whitaker?
Sometimes you don't have to have been a star player or a tireless worker behind the scenes to have a trophy named in your honour.
Sometimes you just have to be important to those who are important to us.  As the only son of Club Life Member Mark 'Whits' Whitaker,
Ashley Whitaker died at a young age. Yet, to this day and beyond he is honoured by the Club's award for the Most Improved Player - The
Ashley Whitaker Memorial Trophy.

What is this awarded for?
Awarded to the player, selected by the Management Committee, as having made the most improvement in his/her game during the past

Past Winners
1985/86       S Rogerson
1986/87       R Trebilcock
1987/88       M Taylor
1988/89       Jason Watts
1989/90       Andrew Spittle
1990/91       A Evans
1991/92       D Evans
1992/93       Matthew Rooks
1993/94       Malcolm Moyes
1994/95       Nathan McFarlane
1995/96       Dale John
1996/97       Joel Cordwell
1997/98       Kieran Crowe
1998/99       Anthony Bird
1999/2000   Steve Kirwan
2000/01       Simon Huppatz
2000/01       Simon Huppatz
2001/02       Jarrad Campbell
2002/03       Marcus Canterford
2003/04       Haydn Moyes
2004/05       Michael Halligan
2005/06       Anthony Baker
2006/07       Scott Nelson
2007/08       Brendan Moore
2008/09       Liam Barker
2009/10       Luke Scott
2010/11       Jason Sharp
2011/12       Troy Anderton
2012/13       Scott Turner
2013/14       Andrew Dilley
2014/15       Lloyd Brown
2015/16       Scott Nelson
2016/17       Scott Pantlin
2017/18       Matthew Nelson
2018/19       Luke Johnson/Brandon Ryan
Best Player Under 21 - Hayden Jacob Award
Who is Hayden Jacob?
Hayden played his first game for the Ringwood United Junior Soccer Club Cricket Club at the age of 7 in the Under 12’s. He played 4
seasons of under 12’s, 2 seasons of under 14’s, and 2 seasons of under 16’s for a total of10 seasons of junior cricket.

During his 10 years of junior cricket he won both the club and association batting averages on numerous occasions - his highest score was
159 not out at under 14 level against Boronia in 1983. He scored 2 centuries in under 16’s and captained Premiership teams at all 3 levels
of junior cricket.  Hayden represented the club in the RDCA under 12’s for 2 years, Croydon Hatch for 2 years and Ringwood Dowling
Shield for one year.

He played his first game of senior cricket at 13 years of age in season 1984/85 in the 4th XI and worked his way into the 1st XI where he
played several games before moving back to 4th XI to be part of a premiership team. The first game of the following season Hayden was
selected in the first 1st XI and that’s where he stayed for the next 12 years. During this period he won the club batting average on many
occasions, and the bowling average on one occasion.

Hayden represented the club in RDCA under 19, under 21, senior teams, and the RDCA All Stars. He was recognized by the RDCA as Most
Promising Player Leaving Under 16’s in 1986/87, Best Player Under 19 season 1986/87, Best Player Under 21 1990/91.

He won the Chandler Shield batting average in 1990/91 and represented the club in RDCA under 19, under 21, senior teams, and the RDCA
All Stars.

Hayden played an important role in Parkwood’s only 1st XI premiership in season 1987/88. During this time he also won 1st XI Bowling
average and was the Club Champion.

He enjoyed himself as much off the field as he did on the field - he socialized with the players from all clubs. Hayden moved interstate for
business reasons during the 1996/97 season and although he has moved back to Melbourne he has not played cricket since that time.

What is this awarded for?
This is awarded to the best senior player Under 21 years of age (at the commencement of the Season) as selected by the management

Past Winners
1997/98       Adam Houghton
1998/99       Dale John
1999/2000    Brad Rutz
2000/01       Adam Gowar
2001/02       Brendan Roberts
2002/03       Brendan Moore
2003/04       Robert Jenkins
2004/05       Hayden Moyes
2005/06       David Johnson
2006/07       Luke Scott
2007/08      Evan Johnson
2008/09      David Johnson
2009/10      Todd Cordwell
2010/11      Cameron Moore
2011/12      Cameron Moore
2012/13      Troy Anderton
2013/14      Matthew Nelson
2014/15      Matthew Nelson
2015/16      Thomas Keyhoe
2016/17      Thomas Keyhoe/Aiden Begg
2017/18      Thomas Keyhoe
Best First Year Player - Jeremy Peretich Award
Who was Jeremy Peretich?
Jeremy played for South Ringwood in the 1st and 2nd XI teams, he had an easy going personality, enjoyed his cricket and having a good
time with his mates.

The news of Jeremy's death shocked the whole club as he was only 25 at the time. He was highly regarded as a person by all who knew
him and the attendance at his funeral service was evidence of his popularity.

Jeremy was the nephew of Club Life Member Jim Page.  In recognition of the respect for Jeremy his family provided this perpetual trophy
to be awarded to the best first year senior player.

What is this awarded for?

Awarded to the player, selected by the Management Committee, as being the best player who is playing their first 'full' Season in Senior

Past Winners
2001/02       J. Eldridge
2002/03       A. Lambert
2003/04       Jeremy Baker
2004/05       David Johnson
2005/06       Dan Abbott
2006/07       Luke Raggert
2007/08       Scott Nelson
2008/09       Sam Fowless
2009/10       Troy Anderton
2010/11       Matthew Nelson
2011/12       Damien Main
2012/13       Alec Kajewski
2013/14       Thomas Keyhoe
2014/15       Thomas Keyhoe
2015/16       Matt Gauci
2016/17       Baylin Fittolani
2017/18       Phoenix Beck
2018/19       Aaron Beck

Best Club Person - Margaret Imms Award
Who was Margaret Imms?
Margaret became involved with the Parkwood club in the early 1980’s when her two sons, Rohan and Matthew, joined the junior club. In
those early years, she was Pam Jacob’s first regular help and they would spend every Saturday in the canteen - the first to arrive and the
last (after cleaning) to leave. Until then, there were not may women involved in the Club and it was difficult to get regular help in the
canteen. In those days Parkwood was renowned for their afternoon teas, which always included home made scones. (Bill Dean, then
President of the RDCA, always tried to time his weekly rounds to have afternoon tea at Parkwood). During these years the canteen was the
main fund-raising area of the club.

As her boys progressed through to the senior club, she continued to support them and the club. Margaret was a wonderful human being,
genuinely interested in the welfare of all those around her, she knew all the players by name and was always the first to offer assistance to
anyone in need. She continued working tirelessly for the club and subsequently joined the committee, contributing greatly to the club’s

Margaret was awarded Life Membership of the Club in 1991.  After Margaret’s death in 1995 the club committee decided to create the
award in her honor.

What is this awarded for?
Awarded to a Club member who is deemed to have assisted the Club throughout the Season above and beyond their normal duties, as
selected by the Management Committee.

Past Winners
1995/96       Paul Gowar
1996/97       John Jacob
1997/98       Paul Gowar
1998/99       Lynne Ewison
1999/2000    Ross Ewison
2000/01       David Sherlock
2001/02       David Sherlock
2002/03       Liz McLelland/Gregor Mason
2003/04       Gary Jenkins
2004/05       Liz McLelland
2005/06       Gregor Mason
2006/07       Nathan Mcfarlane
2007/08       Gregor Mason
2008/09       Samantha Densley
2009/10       Mike Maughan
2010/11      Gregor Mason
2011/12      Gareth Richardson
2012/13      Mike Maughan
2013/14      Sali Young
2014/15      Mike Maughan
2015/16      Audrey Rooks
2016/17      Steve Toohey
2017/18      Audrey Rooks
2018/19      Audrey Rooks
Quiet Achiever - Bob Moyes Award
Who was Bob Moyes?
W.R (Bob) Moyes was Parkwood (one of our founding Clubs) Cricket Club’s first life member in 1984. He was the scorer for the first XI for as
long as anyone can remember. His last role as scorer was 10 days before he died and this is the role that most people saw but his
involvement with the club was far greater.

Bob was not a young man - in his mid seventies he was always at the annual uncovering of the pitches. This is a time at most clubs where
the gathering is small but Bob made sure he always had his shovel. Every winter Bob would repair the boundary flags, carry out
maintenance on the scoreboards and numbers, if the scoreboard was beyond repair he would make a new one.

Bob served on the committee for over 10 years and was Secretary for many. He was the clubs RDCA delegate; he regularly painted the
creases on the pitches, made sure that the wicket boxes were full of soil and always had chewing gum for the players. Senior and Junior
ladders were constantly updated and displayed in the club rooms thanks to Bob.

Bob was a special person who never said a bad word about anyone, a true gentleman and highly respected not only by our club but by all
who met him throughout the RDCA and many other sporting and community groups.

Bob was a ‘Quiet Achiever’ and the Moyes family has donated this perpetual trophy in honor of Bob Moyes.

What is this awarded for?

Awarded to a Club member who is deemed to have helped the Club throughout the Season in ways not always visible to everyone, as
selected by the Management Committee.

Past Winners
1997/98       David Sherlock
1998/99       Mick English
1999/2000    Dale Hewitt
2000/01       Steve Fraser
2001/02       Nathan McFarlane
2002/03       Nathan McFarlane
2003/04       Paul Gowar
2004/05       Gregor Mason
2005/06       Mark Whitaker
2006/07       Mark Whitaker
2007/08       Steve Hassell
2008/09       Mike Maughan
2009/10       Sam Gibson
2010/11      Audrey Rooks
2011/12      Steve Toohey
2012/13      Dale McDonald
2013/14      Steve Toohey
2014/15      Steve Toohey
2015/16      Wayne Berryman
2016/17      Melissa Kay
2017/18      Mark Whitaker
2018/19      Craig Buchan
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