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What is Woolworths Cricket Blast?
Woolworths Cricket Blast is the entry level pathway, for girls and boys aged 5-9 (approximately), that
provides children with their early taste of cricket and the chance to develop their skills.

At the Warranwood Sharks we have 2 options - Junior Blasters and Master Blasters.  Below you will find
information about both programs to assist you in selecting the most appropriate option for your
child/children, as well as directing you to how/where you register.

If you would like to ask any questions please contact Steve Toohey on 0413 458 349 or send an email via
Junior Blasters
Junior Blasters is targeted at children aged around 5 to 7 years.  Please contact us if your child/children are
outside that age range so that we can discuss whether it is the best option.

With Junior Blasters the emphasis is on fun and games.  Cricket skills are introduced within a range of
activities - just don't expect hours and hours of trying to learn to bowl or swinging and missing with the bat. 
Yes we do that...but we run around a lot, improve our general ball skills and just have fun.

At the Sharks we provide two session times - Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.  But the beauty of our
program is that you can attend any or all sessions...up to 24 sessions...for the one price.  Register for the
session that suits you best, but attend any that you like.

Participants receive a Kit, the contents of which vary according to whether they are first year or returning

We are holding a Junior Blasters 'Come and Try' session at Quambee Reserve (Front Oval) on Sunday,
October 31, from 9am to 10am. Please attend this session whether or not you have registered and no matter
which session you would prefer for the actual season (Thursday or Sunday).  And feel free to invite along
any friends that you think would enjoy some Blasters cricket. 

Thursday, 5pm to 6pm
Nov 11 - Dec 16, Feb 3 - Mar 10
Quambee Reserve (Back Oval),
Wonga Road, Ringwood North
Cost - $99

To register for Thursday sessions of
Junior Blasters click here
Sunday, 9am to 10am
Nov 14 - Dec 19, Feb 6 - Mar 13
Quambee Reserve (Front Oval),
Wonga Road, Ringwood North
Cost - $99

To register for Sunday sessions of
Junior Blasters click here
Master Blasters
In Master Blasters we up the ante in terms of the emphasis on cricket, but we still aim for fun.  The program is aimed at 7-9 year olds, girls and boys, but again, please contact us if you would like to consider Master Blasters for a child outside that age range.  If they are older they may be better suited to Mini Bash (Under 10s).

Sessions are a little longer than Junior Blasters - up to 90 minutes.  Approximately 30 minutes will be spent working on a particular skill, e.g. bowling, running between wickets etc.  But then we will play an actual game of cricket.  All equipment provided.  No helmets, pads etc are used and the ball used is relatively soft.

Thursday, 5pm to 6.30pm
Nov 11 - Dec 16, Feb 3 - Mar 10
Quambee Reserve (Back Oval),
Wonga Road, Ringwood North
Cost - $99

To register for Master Blasters on
Thursdays please click here
And remember, whether you register for Thursday or Sunday, you can attend as many sessions as you want - if it rains on Thursday...attend Sunday. If you're busy on Sunday, come along on Thursday.
We are holding a Master Blasters 'Come and Try' session at Quambee Reserve (Back Oval) on Thursday, November 4, from 5pm to 6pm.

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