Warranwood Sharks
Girls Cricket
This is the entry level program
for children aged approx. 5 to
9.  Its all about having fun,
making friends and learning
some skills
From Mini Bash to Under 16s,
we have a team to suit
players of all abilities
Girls Cricket is booming and at
the Sharks we have teams for
the girls to play together, and
to play with the boys
The Season that was...and will be

2020/21 was a challenging Season that overall proved  
very successful.  14 Junior teams, 3 premierships,  
several RDCA award winners and representative players

Some of the pages in this section have information  
specific to the 2020/21 Season so if you have questions  
about junior cricket next Season please contact Steve  
Toohey on 0413 458 349
Cricket for all ages

The Warranwood Sharks run a junior  
cricket program to suit kids, girls and  
boys, aged 5-16.

From Woolworths Junior Blasters to  
Under 16s, with competitions for boys  
and girls, and in some cases Girls Only,  
we can find a team that suits you
Become a Shark

A Cricket Club is a great place to
make and develop lifelong

And its also a great place for the
whole family

Join the Warranwood Sharks family
Junior Club Hall of Fame
Here you will find the answers
to most of your questions about
junior cricket at the Sharks
From star junior players to our
wonderful volunteers, here is
where you will find out about
our Junior Award winners
From child safety to team selection
policies, here you can find all that
technical, policy-related staff
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